【おしゃれ】 Honda L. 37/37 シルバー アルミケースシステム TRAX(トラックス)ION ツーリング用ボックス 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH NC700 SWモテック S/X.|KFT.01.12 S/X、NC750-トップケース・リアボックス

【おしゃれ】 Honda L. 37/37 シルバー アルミケースシステム TRAX(トラックス)ION ツーリング用ボックス 【エントリーで更にP5倍】SW-MOTECH NC700 SWモテック S/X.|KFT.01.12 S/X、NC750-トップケース・リアボックス




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●商品名:TRAX(トラックス)ION アルミケースシステム シルバー 37/37 L. Honda NC700 S/X、NC750 S/X.|KFT.01.12



TRAX ION aluminum case system for Honda NC700 S/X,NC750 S/XOrder,unpack,mount and drive away.The TRAX ION aluminum case system contains everything needed to mount two side cases on your motorcycle:two TRAX ION side cases,two bike-specific EVO carriers,anti-theft protection,matching locks,adapter kit and accessories.The system is available with black or silver cases.The bike-specific carrier and the size of the case are perfectly coordinated to the tail geometry and exhaust system of the motorcycle.Robustly finished with a body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum,strengthened with sturdy plastic elements and still a lightweight:the TRAX ION motorcycle cases are the new generation of the popular TRAX EVO series.The TRAX ION aluminum cases were completely overhauled-they are now welded in one piece and therefore waterproof.The companion for trips and adventures of all types wow with their large chamfer for best cornering clearance,their sleek look and a large offering of accessories-and all that at an attractive price.EVO carrier features:Removable carrierAttachment and removal within seconds with quick-release fasteners at inconspicuous attachment pointsBike-specific fit,designed to fit close to bikeAlso usable with case systems of other manufacturersHigh functionality and stabilityIndestructible steel pipe,surface:Black powder coatingWidth of the bike tail with mounted carrier(without cases):470 mmTRAX ION side case features:Robust and light:Aluminum side case with a wall thickness of 1.5 mmBeveled side edge for an optimized lean angle when corneringAdditional protection from ground contact thanks to plastic cornersSecure hold with just a grip of the hand on carriers by SW-MOTECH,the latch buckle is also lockableWaterproof through robot-supported welding,punch rivet technology and interchangeable cover gasketsRobust stainless steel latch bucklesFold back cover4 lashing strap loops on the lid,for ex.for tying down a waterproof accessory bagTheft protection:Case lid and case can be locked when on the carrierExtensive accessory offering from padded inner pockets to a passenger backrest all the way to a carrying handleAvailable with black powder coating or natural aluminum(silver)TRAX ION M:4.7 kg/49 x 23 x 37 cm/37 lTRAX ION L:5.2 kg/49 x 28 x 37 cm/45 lTipCombinable with racks by SW-MOTECH and TRAX ION top casesIncluded in delivery:TRAX ION side case,37 l,left,silverTRAX ION side case,37 l,right,silver2 EVO carriers for Honda NC700 S/X,NC750 S/XAdapter kit for EVO carrierLock set:6 locks/2 keysAnti-theft protection for EVO carrierKey chain:functional tool2 practical storage bagsMounting materialMounting instructions



NC 700 S / SD2011
NC 700 S / SD2012
NC 700 S / SD2013
NC 700 S / SD2014
NC 700 X / XD2011
NC 700 X / XD2012
NC 700 X / XD2013
NC 700 X / XD2014
NC 750 S / SD2014
NC 750 S / SD2015
NC 750 X / XD2014
NC 750 X / XD2015


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